Friday, March 4, 2011

Antique fireplace mantles

Come see our breathtaking Antique stone mantles selection at:

Restored Original pieces such us this one above is a rare find.

We carry a wide array of original stone mantles in many European styles such as Italian, French and English. Our current stock stands around 500 of the world’s most captivating & unique mantles.

The ultimate in both frugality and luxury could be successfully accomplished in one’s home through the installation of an ancient reclaimed stone mantle. The heat and light feels almost warmer when radiating from a burning log inside one of our antique fireplaces. Enjoy the warmth of a flame emitted from one of our antique fireplaces and experience that same feeling of contentment today as our ancestors did centuries before us...

It’s a basic sentiment shared by all people regardless of time and space and is as old as recorded history itself.
Here’s what the Roman writer and statesman Cicero wrote 2000 years ago: “There’s no place more delightful then one's own fireplace in one’s own home."

Your home will never look the same when one of our antique fireplace mantles calls your living room home.
With over 500 happy clients in the US alone we guarantee your complete satisfaction before hand!

When retrofitting a reclaimed mantle with an overmantle to a new firebox we can always add up additional antique flat stone blocks that were originally salvaged from the same old structure as the fireplace.
Just as in the example above the overmantle could be adjusted all to way to the top of the ceiling height.

This is a mantle that we photographed in situ prior to the reclamation efforts. A definite piece of art that should be preserved for generations to come.

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  1. We've also started the work on a dedicated blog that digs deep into the ancient fireplace, their history, their reclamation and their reincorporation into an everyday setting.