Monday, September 14, 2015

Antique Wall Fountains part II

When it comes down to our architectural elements we only scout for the best possible pieces prior to acquisition and restoration.

To view examples of our unique wall fountain we invite you to visit our website below:

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We've also perfected the art of replicating the old elements we've reclaimed over the years.
By using the same hand carving technique and stone blocks the masters of the ancient world implemented and use we are able to deliver our peculiar clientele a world class product.

Do you want to add the crown jewel to your backyard? Or maybe you want to finish of your swimming pool with a hand carved stone art piece instead off that stacked, bricked or stuccoed wall that you currently have?

What about that kitchen window that leads to your neighbor’s wall or catwalk? Well you guessed it if you were thinking about adding a unique water feature that will transform that dull space into a lush oasis of limestone, water and greenery... 

For the past six years our chief creative director and designer has been carefully restoring and diligently supervising the piece by piece reassembly of every antique stone fountain, fireplace and entryway we have in stock.

She merges her keen eye for design with her scholastic savvy of historical ratios and architectural scaling when restoring or hand carving each of our unique art pieces.