Thursday, March 31, 2011

Antique Foundation Slabs

Those centuries old foundation Slabs were once the building blocks of past generations and formed the base cornerstones of many older reclaimed stone structures. We are passionate about using them on counters and pool copings. Yes counters!

Those thick massive chucks of Limestone absorb nothing and can stand up to anything you can throw at them.

Pushing the envelope never felt or looked that good before! Virtually indestructible, they are ideal for anyone who is a cook's cook and don't want to worry about leaving wine rings, lime juice, squid ink or oil stains while cooking or entertaining guests.

If you practically live in your kitchen which is true for many of us, you have no choice but to consider incorporating the foundation slabs for your kitchen counter tops.

Make your kitchen fun and enjoy the best counter tops available on earth by securing some slabs today.
Where else can you find such a brilliant combination of macho and elegant, historic and modern, Traditional and Avant-Garde?

The same could be said about the pool coping of your swimming pool or jacuzzi were a unique thick limestone slab of 2.75" could surround the outer edge perimeter but has an uneven slip resistant yet smooth to the skin surface, guaranteed for life to stand up against the harshest climate conditions yet keeping its original pristine beauty for ever...

Darn it! I forgot to switch on the filtration system again! I was wondering why the water was a bit murky today...
When the 2.75" thick slabs don't cut it and only a full raw Goliath 8" thick Chunk-O-Block would fit the bill then don't hesitate to ask because its the Architect's order!
Each piece is wide enough to build an actual mantle shelf out of and thick enough to lay on your front porch as your entry stair steps to your house.
Besides, how else would you build your dream Tuscan backyard under the Texan Sun?
You super-size it!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Antique Millennium Stone

The ancient Millennium stone pavers are big rectangular planks some up to 60" long. Capable of withstanding any weather and environmental conditions nature and man can throw at it. By definition they are scratch proof and maintenance free. 

The Millennium Stone Planks were once salvaged from old homes and structures from across ancient cities in the Mediterranean Sea and were once very thick but we’ve since milled them after reclamation down to 5/8” in thickness for the ease of installation.

The Millennium Stone Planks are best installed in a running bond format and are Ideal for any open environment or any spacious home with an indoor outdoor "Al Fresco" life style.

Antique Arcane Stone

Old and reclaimed ancient pavers salvaged from old homes and structures from across ancient cities in the Mediterranean Sea. A bit smoother then our Biblos stone collection.
This stone blend offers a sophisticated and evenhanded mixture of ancient arcane beauty and modern luxury.

Just like all our limestone its quartzitic composition is very high so its hardness is legendary. Capable of enduring any climate extremes, any weather conditions, wet environments or heavy traffic areas with ease.

We've completed countless unique project with this reclaimed limestone. Many of those homes have been featured in National and international magazines such as Architectural Digest, Veranda, Interiors etc..

Only a handful of stones can be guaranteed for up to 20 years in an exterior application.
The Arcane Stone in guaranteed for life even in such harsh climates as upstate New York and Moscow or New Mexico and Nevada.

When it comes to installing the Arcane Stone indoors that's an choice to make. Its rich earth tones and tapestry of fossilized organic marine life is simply exquisite and a joy to look at and walk on. No wonder why many years after we finish an installation we sill get a lot of referrals from friends and family who want to inquire about using the Arcane Stone in their own homes.

Installed random or running bond the Arcane Stone in an absolute beauty. The sizes are all random ranging from medium to big and the very big. We've milled this limestone just like we do with all our antique floor lines, from their original reclaimed thicknesses of several inches down to 5/8" of an inch in thickness so the stone could be installed almost everywhere with ease by any stone setter.

Antique Kronos Stone

The Kronos Stone is rock hard and resilient in nature, ideal for both indoors and outdoors applications. This stone offers unprecedented levels of calmness and serenity. Its silky surface is a perfect catalyst to a relaxing evening after a hectic day at work or after a frustrating drive back home. This stone is old and reclaimed. It’s salvaged from old homes and structures from across ancient cities in the Mediterranean Sea.

We’ve designed some of the most memorable mini wine cave cellars ever conceived all out of ancient reclaimed Limestone ancient sink troughs and milled drift Canadian wood. Tell us what you think and visit our website:

It’s no surprise that we’ve paved and draped countless personal spas, baths, showers, wine cellars and entire homes out of the Kronos Stone when the application calls for a timeless French Riviera, a Bali or an Amalfi coast look that flows in your home seamlessly connecting all the various architectural compartments of your home into one continuous singularity of timeless perfection.

The Kronos Stone stands the test of time ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Visit the entire gallery of the Kronos Stone on our website.

The Kronos Stone is very versatile and is suitable for any application from outdoor courtyard paving to shower floors and walls.
It feels like a floating river of smooth silk beneath your feet. using this reclaimed antique limestone in your home is a true indulgence.
Take a closer look at it here:

The select premium blend of the Kronos Stone is a much longer and wider planks selection mixed in with a smaller percentage of the regular size product. they are ideal for playing an essential trick on the eyes.
and that's making a spaces look and feel wider and bigger as demonstrated in the image above.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ancient Stone Entryways

This portal above is an example of our restored Antique Stone Entryways that we have in stock.
It’s so unique and grand making it ideal to any French revivalist project you've been inspiring to complete.

The art of restoration and refurbishing isn't for the faint of heart!
it’s painstakingly slow and at times tedious since we want to stay true to the original entryway while restoring piece by piece valuable missing chunks that were lost due to natural erosion, human neglect & environmental degradation from being surrounded by the everyday city pollution from graffiti, signage posting and high levels of a acid rain.

Another majestic Italianate entryway awaits her final destination into the house of a future lucky patron or boutique hotel owned that will proudly cherish her.

A majestic ancient limestone portal is a prerequisite to any bigger than life home in any style.
We have sold a few of those rare and one of a kind stone portals for decades to a network of handpicked antique dealers globally and directly to a few discerning clientele that reads like a Forbes 400 list including a few heads of states spread out on many continents, separated by oceans but joined by one philosophy.
We understand and cater to that school of thought that is as old as humanity itself, to have something unique and different because you’re an individual not a number in a line and refuse to conform to the cookie cutter status quo of fake precast and poured concrete.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Antique Stone Wall Fountains

When it comes down to our architectural elements we only scout for the best possible pieces prior to acquisition and restoration.
To view examples of our unique wall fountain we invite you to visit our website below:

Follow our blog, tweets and add us as a facebook friend as we are always adding recently completed projects such as the restoration above.

We've also perfected the art of replicating the old elements we've reclaimed over the years.
By using the same hand carving technique and stone blocks the masters of the ancient world implemented and use we are able to deliver our peculiar clientele a world class product.

Do you want to add the crown jewel to your backyard? Or maybe you want to finish of your swimming pool with a hand carved stone art piece instead off that stacked, bricked or stuccoed wall that you currently have? What about that kitchen window that leads to your neighbor’s wall or catwalk? Well you guessed it if you were thinking about adding a unique water feature that will transform that dull space into a lush oasis of limestone, water and greenery... 

For the past six years our chief creative director and designer has been carefully restoring and diligently supervising the piece by piece reassembly of every antique stone fountain, fireplace and entryway we have in stock. She merges her keen eye for design with her scholastic savvy of historical ratios and architectural scaling when restoring or hand carving each of our unique art pieces.

Antique fireplace mantles

Come see our breathtaking Antique stone mantles selection at:

Restored Original pieces such us this one above is a rare find.

We carry a wide array of original stone mantles in many European styles such as Italian, French and English. Our current stock stands around 500 of the world’s most captivating & unique mantles.

The ultimate in both frugality and luxury could be successfully accomplished in one’s home through the installation of an ancient reclaimed stone mantle. The heat and light feels almost warmer when radiating from a burning log inside one of our antique fireplaces. Enjoy the warmth of a flame emitted from one of our antique fireplaces and experience that same feeling of contentment today as our ancestors did centuries before us...

It’s a basic sentiment shared by all people regardless of time and space and is as old as recorded history itself.
Here’s what the Roman writer and statesman Cicero wrote 2000 years ago: “There’s no place more delightful then one's own fireplace in one’s own home."

Your home will never look the same when one of our antique fireplace mantles calls your living room home.
With over 500 happy clients in the US alone we guarantee your complete satisfaction before hand!

When retrofitting a reclaimed mantle with an overmantle to a new firebox we can always add up additional antique flat stone blocks that were originally salvaged from the same old structure as the fireplace.
Just as in the example above the overmantle could be adjusted all to way to the top of the ceiling height.

This is a mantle that we photographed in situ prior to the reclamation efforts. A definite piece of art that should be preserved for generations to come.