Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ancient Stone Entryways

This portal above is an example of our restored Antique Stone Entryways that we have in stock.
It’s so unique and grand making it ideal to any French revivalist project you've been inspiring to complete.

The art of restoration and refurbishing isn't for the faint of heart!
it’s painstakingly slow and at times tedious since we want to stay true to the original entryway while restoring piece by piece valuable missing chunks that were lost due to natural erosion, human neglect & environmental degradation from being surrounded by the everyday city pollution from graffiti, signage posting and high levels of a acid rain.

Another majestic Italianate entryway awaits her final destination into the house of a future lucky patron or boutique hotel owned that will proudly cherish her.

A majestic ancient limestone portal is a prerequisite to any bigger than life home in any style.
We have sold a few of those rare and one of a kind stone portals for decades to a network of handpicked antique dealers globally and directly to a few discerning clientele that reads like a Forbes 400 list including a few heads of states spread out on many continents, separated by oceans but joined by one philosophy.
We understand and cater to that school of thought that is as old as humanity itself, to have something unique and different because you’re an individual not a number in a line and refuse to conform to the cookie cutter status quo of fake precast and poured concrete.

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