Thursday, March 31, 2011

Antique Foundation Slabs

Those centuries old foundation Slabs were once the building blocks of past generations and formed the base cornerstones of many older reclaimed stone structures. We are passionate about using them on counters and pool copings. Yes counters!

Those thick massive chucks of Limestone absorb nothing and can stand up to anything you can throw at them.

Pushing the envelope never felt or looked that good before! Virtually indestructible, they are ideal for anyone who is a cook's cook and don't want to worry about leaving wine rings, lime juice, squid ink or oil stains while cooking or entertaining guests.

If you practically live in your kitchen which is true for many of us, you have no choice but to consider incorporating the foundation slabs for your kitchen counter tops.

Make your kitchen fun and enjoy the best counter tops available on earth by securing some slabs today.
Where else can you find such a brilliant combination of macho and elegant, historic and modern, Traditional and Avant-Garde?

The same could be said about the pool coping of your swimming pool or jacuzzi were a unique thick limestone slab of 2.75" could surround the outer edge perimeter but has an uneven slip resistant yet smooth to the skin surface, guaranteed for life to stand up against the harshest climate conditions yet keeping its original pristine beauty for ever...

Darn it! I forgot to switch on the filtration system again! I was wondering why the water was a bit murky today...
When the 2.75" thick slabs don't cut it and only a full raw Goliath 8" thick Chunk-O-Block would fit the bill then don't hesitate to ask because its the Architect's order!
Each piece is wide enough to build an actual mantle shelf out of and thick enough to lay on your front porch as your entry stair steps to your house.
Besides, how else would you build your dream Tuscan backyard under the Texan Sun?
You super-size it!

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