Sunday, March 15, 2015

Antique Biblos Stone.

One of our finest selection of old reclaimed limestone paves the Biblos stone is a rare and unique blend of hand picked and salvaged stone floors that are centuries old and come from South of Europe and the Mediterranean.

The Biblos Stone can be installed anywhere and is virtually weather proof. Many of our client like to install this unique limestone throughout their entire home from their pool decks to their dining rooms and kitchens.

Although it's a rare material to start with we do carry a nice stock of it and lead time on a medium size project is usually quick since its also packaged and ready to ship in no time.
For orders bigger then 5,500 squared feet the lead time tends to be 30 days for fabrication + shipping.

If we have to pick a must have, it would be this product. Unbelievably old and reclaimed ancient pavers salvaged from old homes and structures from across ancient cities in the Mediterranean Sea.
With every footstep you take on those pavers you travel through a time portal of sorts, connecting you with past generations that walked on them centuries ago.
If only the stone could talk...

 Top designers and architect world wide are always enthused and thrilled to work with beautiful reclaimed ancient stone surfaces that are sustainable reclaimed and organic because not only they can create some of the most amazing homes with them.

Antique reclaimed Biblical Stone also plays a vital role in environmental stewardship and conservancy buy not using newly quarried stone that contributes to destruction of habitat and unbalances in our fragile ecosystem.